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Store An Unlimited Call Log On Your Android Smartphone |VERIFIED|

If you are looking for an Android app that lets you backup your Android phone call logs, then give Call Logs Backup a try. Call Logs Backup is one of the best call log backup apps for Android available on the play store.

Store an Unlimited Call Log on your Android Smartphone

Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler is one of the best and most advanced Android dialer apps that you can have right now. The best thing about Dialer, Phone, Call Block & Contacts by Simpler is that it offers everything that you need to manage your call records.

Not just that, but the app also shows the list of contacts, favorites, and Frequent Contacts. So, Call Log History and Backup is another best app that you can use to get unlimited call logs on your Android.

Call History Manager is another best app on the list which can keep your call history forever. Not just that, but Call History Manager also arranges the contacts list category-wise for ease of access.

So, this is how to get an unlimited call log on an Android phone. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.

For this reason, developer TheTAMAS has created an Xposed module to extend Android's call history indefinitely. While Android normally displays the latest 500 phone calls, this limit isn't hard to reach when you factor in incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. So if you'd rather be safe than sorry, take a moment to install this module and preserve all call records on your device.

The Xposed module that will give you an unlimited call history is called TrimNot. To get it installed, simply head to the Download section of your Xposed Installer app and search it by name.

Use this tutorial to learn about ways to increase call log history on Android for rooted as well as non-rooted devices. Get call logs longer than 30 days by having unlimited call log on Android.

After you install the app, just let it do the work of showing you all your call logs. The app can do more than just give you an unlimited call log. You can also see the duration of each call, how frequently you call, and a general summary of everything.

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By default, Android limits your call history to the last 500 incoming, outgoing, or missed calls. When you reach this limit, older entries get trimmed off the bottom of the list and deleted forever. This isn't an issue with storage space, because even the biggest call logs only occupy mere kilobytes, so it's really just an artificial limit.

When you get back up, that's all there is to it. From now on, your phone won't artificially limit your call logs anymore, so every single phone call you make, receive, or miss will stay in your call log indefinitely.

To use call recordings in your mobile or tablet devices, you just need to install the app on your phone and make calls. It provides an audio file once the call is finished. However, to use this, you need to enable call recording option from your phone setting.

Cube ACR is a phone call recorder that has a built-in file explorer for managing your recordings, playing them, deleting on the fly, or exporting to other services or devices. It is one of the best call recording app that helps you to record every call automatically. It records call conversation the moment it starts.

Easy Voice Recorder is an s to use audio and voice recorder software. It is one of the best call recording app for Android which allows you to use it to reliably record your meetings, personal notes, songs, and more, with no time limits.

Super Call Recorder is one of the best phone recording app which helps you to record your phone calls in real-time. You can use this built-in app playback, easily export your recorded calls to the SD card, and send it by email or WhatsApp.

Call recorder is a recording tool that helps you to record your incoming and outgoing calls. It is one of the best call recorder app for Android that allows you to upload the recording to Dropbox, Evernote, and google drive.

Record My Call has the basic purpose of recording all your calls. It is one of the best automatic call recorder for Android that allows you to record from a microphone. You can turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to get a clear voice from the other side.

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